Removal of journal titles

This is the place where I'll capture my scientific life of publications.
It'll come to a halt over the next year or two (yes, that's the expected lag period between
doing the work and getting the results out there).

My papers cover these domains:
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This is how I look to Web of Science…

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You can also see the change in influence on the fields by the
decline in the number of times your work is cited. As expected.
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Here's another weakness of our system in academia. There is a tendency to applaud papers that appear in 'high impact journals'. There's no such thing!. There are journals that have become part of a self serving scam where they create scarcity (chances of getting in are low) in order to creat the illusion, and then charge a bloody fortune to get in - which you, the tax payer pays for.

So, please reject the notion that
WHERE something is published seems to be more important that WHAT research was actually conducted. The obsession with so-called ‘prestige titles’ is devaluing the great majority of carefully conducted studies that provide the foundation upon which all science is based.

I have therefore decided to remove journal titles from the outward description of my published work. You can read the title and the abstract, to decide whether this is a research paper you wish to read, rather than dismissing a paper as ‘not in the best journals’. You might say that this is not an issue, but tell that to those reading CV’s and conducting job interviews.

Designing better ALACATs and QconCATs

Rusilowicz M, Newman DW, Creamer DR, Johnson J, Adair K, Harman VM, Grant CM, Beynon RJ, Hubbard SJ. (2023) AlacatDesigner─Computational Design of Peptide Concatamers for Protein Quantitation. [PUBMED] [Abstract...]

Proteomics of severity of lung damage in CF

Maher RE, Barrett E, Beynon RJ, Harman VM, Jones AM, McNamara PS, Smith JA, Lord RW. (2022) The relationship between lung disease severity and the sputum proteome in cystic fibrosis. Respir Med. 2022 Nov-Dec;204:107002. doi: 10.1016/j.rmed.2022.107002. [PUBMED] [Abstract...]

Use of REIMS for profiling of wild mosquitoes

Wagner I, Grigoraki L, Enevoldson P, Clarkson M, Jones S, Hurst JL, Beynon RJ, Ranson H. (2023)
Rapid identification of mosquito species and age by mass spectrometric analysis. [
PUBMED] [Abstract...]

Proteomics of pulmonary disease in Westies

Maher RE, Määttä M, Beynon RJ, Laurila HP, McNamara PS, Rajamäki MM. (2022) Quantitative proteomic analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in West Highland white terriers with canine idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. [PUBMED] [Abstract...]

How to best measure protein turnover in complex systems

Hammond DE, Simpson DM, Franco C, Wright Muelas M, Waters J, Ludwig RW, Prescott MC, Hurst JL, Beynon RJ, Lau E. (2022) Harmonizing Labeling and Analytical Strategies to Obtain Protein Turnover Rates
in Intact Adult Animals. [
PUBMED] [Abstract...]

Using REIMS to dig into resistance phenotypes

Morgan J, Salcedo-Sora JE, Wagner I, Beynon RJ, Triana-Chavez O, Strode C. (2022) Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry (REIMS): a Potential and Rapid Tool for the Identification of Insecticide Resistance in Mosquito Larvae. [PUBMED] [Abstract...]

Proteomics of thylakoid biogenesis and dynamics

Tuomas Huokko, Tao Ni, Gregory F Dykes, Deborah M Simpson, Philip Brownridge, Fabian D Conradi, Robert J Beynon, Peter J Nixon, Conrad W Mullineaux, Peijun Zhang, Lu-Ning Liu (2021) Probing the biogenesis pathway and dynamics of thylakoid membranes. [Pubmed] [PDF] [Abstract...]

Proteomics of epileptogenesis

Karen Tse, Edward Beamer, Deborah Simpson, Robert J Beynon, Graeme J Sills, Thimmasettappa Thippeswamy (2021) The Impacts of Surgery and Intracerebral Electrodes in C57BL/6J Mouse Kainate Model of Epileptogenesis: Seizure Threshold, Proteomics, and Cytokine Profiles [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

Influence of viruses on MUP production

Michael B A Oldstone, Brian C Ware, Amanda Davidson, Mark C Prescott, Robert J Beynon, Jane L Hurst (2021) Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus Alters the Expression of Male Mouse Scent Proteins. [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI]

March of the acronyms.. ALACATs (a la carte proteomics)

James Johnson, Victoria M Harman, Catarina Franco, Edward Emmott, Nichola Rockliffe, Yaqi Sun, Lu-Ning Liu, Ayako Takemori, Nobuaki Takemori, Robert J Beynon (2021) Construction of à la carte QconCAT protein standards for multiplexed quantification of user-specified target proteins (2021) [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

On catnip and mosquitoes - solving an evolutionary puzzle

Reiko Uenoyama, Tamako Miyazaki, Jane L. Hurst, eRobert J. Beynon, Masaatsu Adachi, Takanobu Murooka, Ibuki Onoda, eYu Miyazawa, Rieko Katayama, Tetsuro Yamashita, Shuji Kaneko, Toshio Nishikawa and Masao Miyazaki (2021) The characteristic response of domestic cats to plant iridoids allows them to gain chemical defense against mosquitoes [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

CSF proteomics in bacterial meningitis

Emma C Wall, Philip Brownridge, Gavin Laing, Vanessa S Terra, Veronica Mlozowa, Brigitte Denis, Mulinda Nyirenda, Theresa Allain, Elisa Ramos-Sevillano, Enitan Carrol, Andrea Collins, Stephen B Gordon, David G Lalloo, Brendan Wren, Robert Beynon, Robert S Heyderman, Jeremy S Brown (2020) CSF Levels of Elongation Factor Tu Is Associated With Increased Mortality in Malawian Adults With Streptococcus pneumoniae Meningitis . [PDF][PUBMED][DOI] [Abstract...]

First 'zap the crap', now 'Fry the fly': REIMS for insect identification

Iris Wagner, Natalie I. Koch, Joscelyn Sarsby, Nicola White, Tom A. R. Price, Sam Jones, Jane L. Hurst, Robert J. Beynon, (2020) The application of rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometry (REIMS) in the analysis of Drosophila species – a potential new tool in entomology [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

Using stable isotopes to track sperm competition

Paula Stockley, Catarina Franco, Amy J. Claydon, Amanda Davidson, Dean E. Hammond, Philip J. Brownridge, Jane L. Hurst, and Robert J. Beynon (2020) Revealing mechanisms of mating plug function under sexual selection. [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

Plasticity of the mouse seminal vesical fluid proteome

Helen L Bayram, Catarina Franco, Philip Brownridge, Amy J Claydon, Natalie Koch, Jane L Hurst, Robert J Beynon, Paula Stockley (2020) Social status and ejaculate composition in the house mouse [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

Using QconCATs to establish protein complex stoichiometry

Mengru Yang, Deborah M Simpson, Nicolas Wenner, Philip Brownridge, Victoria M Harman, Jay C D Hinton, Robert J Beynon, Lu-Ning Liu (2020) Decoding the stoichiometric composition and organisation of bacterial metabolosomes [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

MS from gels, top down or bottom up

Ayako Takemori, David S Butcher, Victoria M Harman, Philip Brownridge, Keisuke Shima, Daisuke Higo, Jun Ishizaki, Hitoshi Hasegawa, Junpei Suzuki, Masakatsu Yamashita, Joseph A Loo, Rachel R Ogorzalek Loo, Robert J Beynon, Lissa C Anderson, Nobuaki Takemori (2020) PEPPI-MS: Polyacrylamide-Gel-Based Prefractionation for Analysis of Intact Proteoforms and Protein Complexes by Mass Spectrometry [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

An unusual marsupial urinary lipocalin - vulpeculin

Grace M. Loxley, David O. Hooks, Aristotelis Antonopoulos, Anne Dell, Stuart M. Haslam, Wayne L. Linklater, Jane L. Hurst and Robert J. Beynon (2020) Vulpeculin: a novel and abundant lipocalin in the urine of the common brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpecula. Open Biology Open Biol. 10: 200218. [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

Using proteomics to explore 'pseudogene' expression

Ian Goodhead, Frances Blow, Philip Brownridge, Margaret Hughes, John Kenny, Ritesh Krishna, Lynn McLean, Pisut Pongchaikul, Rob Beynon and Alistair C. Darby (202o) Large-scale and significant expression from pseudogenes in Sodalis glossinidius – a facultative bacterial endosymbiont [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]