Designer genes for mass spectrometry

Eyers CE, Simpson DM, Wong SC, Beynon RJ, Gaskell SJ. (2008) QCAL-a Novel Standard for Assessing Instrument Conditions for Proteome Analysis. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 19, 1275-1280 [PUBMED][PDF]
If proteome datasets are to be collated, shared, and merged for higher level proteome analyses, there is a need for generally accepted strategies and reagents for optimization and standardization of instrument performance. At present, there is no single protein or peptide standard set that is capable of assessing instrument performance for peptide separation and analysis in this manner. To create such a standard, we have used the recently described QconCAT methodology to generate an artificial protein, QCAL. This protein, a concatenation of tryptic peptides that is expressed in E. coli, provides a stoichiometrically controlled mixture of peptides that are amenable to analysis by all commonly used instrumentation platforms for proteomics.