Quantitative analysis of the yeast 'chaperome'

Rebecca J. Mackenzie, Craig Lawless [2], Stephen W. Holman, Karin Lanthaler, Robert J. Beynon, Chris M. Grant, Simon J. Hubbard and Claire E. Eyers (2106) Absolute protein quantification of the yeast chaperome under conditions of heat shock

Chaperones are fundamental to regulating the heat shock response (HSR), mediating protein recovery from thermal-induced misfolding and aggregation. Using the QconCAT strategy and SRM for absolute protein quantification, we have determined copy per cell (cpc) values for 49 key chaperones in S. cerevisiae under conditions of normal growth and heat shock. This work extends a previous chemostat quantification study by including up to five Q-peptides per protein to improve confidence in protein quantification. In contrast to the global proteome profile of S. cerevisiae in response to heat shock which remains largely unchanged, as determined by label-free quantification, many of the chaperones are upregulated, with an average two-fold increase in protein abundance. Interestingly, eight of the significantly upregulated chaperones are direct gene targets of heat shock transcription factor-1. By performing absolute quantification of chaperones under heat stress for the first time, we were able to evaluate the individual protein-level response. Furthermore, this SRM data was used to calibrate label-free quantification values for the proteome in absolute terms, thus improving relative quantification between the two conditions. This study significantly enhances the largely transcriptomic data available in the field and illustrates a more nuanced response at the protein level.