At the moment, a contact email doesn't seem to work - my lack of web site skills.

So, please send an email to Stokesay [at] with the subject
AA cards

Please include, in the body of the message

  • Your name
  • Your exact and accurate shipping address
  • If you have a moment, pls tell me how you heard about the cards.

Remember, for this first run, the cards are free.
But, I do need to cover my costs for postage and packing, and I'd ask for a small extra to help me maintain this site, as I am now liable for all hosting and software costs.

The price that works well within the UK is a request for £7.00*.
This is best paid to my PayPal account as a gift, using the same address as above: Stokesay [at] Any other route means that Paypal exacts a fee.

For EU, and USA etc, please make direct contact. It costs a lot more than UK shipping.

If you felt able to add a little more, then I would be able to post sets of cards to those who cannot meet the shipping cost. This is purely voluntary though.

Thank you.

Multiple sets

I have been asked whether I can provide sufficient copies, for example to be used in teaching.
Maybe small numbers will be feasible.

But, large numbers or requests that are being suggested would rapidly deplete the first print run.

I can of course, quickly set up a new print run, but this will not be covered by the outreach support.
If you are interested in using these cards in teaching, I suggest you take a single pack first, evaluate the cards for yourself, and then get back to me.

If and when I aggregate enough interest for a second print run, I’ll let everyone know what the cost will be.

* this has gone up a little because it wasn't covering my costs, that I bear personally.